John,just a minireview of the JKDAC32 that arrived safely 2,5 weeks ago.I am very pleased with it even without a complete burn in.It is the most involving DAC I have heard so far.The overall presentation is relaxed,but never dull. Female voices in particular are rendered exquisitely due to a glorious midrange and ultrasweet treble .Macrodetail level and soundstage depth/width are on par with my Metrum Octave

When used on a DAC such as the ESS Sabre based AudioGD NFB-10 ES, the mk3 transport literally floored me with not only the magnitude, but also the range of improvements. I cannot think of another way to spend 330 Euro that will net this kind of improvement in audio quality.

MK3 Since this is my first foray into computer audio, I don't have a reference point to compare the sound with, other than my existing audio system. I use a CEC TL51X belt driven CD transport playing into Bel Canto DAC 3/ Bel Canto preamp/ Pass Lab First Watt F4 clones/ Audio Note AN/E speakers. In A B comparisons with FLAC files ripped to my laptop and played back via your unit, the FLAC files sounded slightly better than the CDs. The FLAC files were a touch more dynamic and sounded slightly better at the frequency extremes, bass was a touch deeper, better defined and had more impact, whilst the treble was more detailed, cymbals sounded more realistic.

Still wanted to let you know my impression of the sound of the hiface mk3. Although it sounded much better at arrival over the stock hiface it took some time before it was completly burned in. Have been playing it every day for a few hours over a month and only last week i felt notting in the sound really changed.
When i compare it with the stock hiface the mk3 does everything better. I can not mention one aspect of the sound that isn’t better with the mk3. For me the most drastic changes were on the aspect of depth and transparancy. This all making my sound more realistic and enjoyable.

Music playback on my laptop with the MK3 is smoother, more coherent and has a more relaxed, easy flow than through any CDP or transport I have tried. Haven't tried JPlay yet. I'm quite happy with JRMC at the moment.

From user: John:  I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the MK3!  It is fabulous.  I have been using it with my Macbook Pro, with several DACs (PSAudio Perfectwave, Centrance DacMini, Burson, Benchmark DAC-1 HDR)--it sounds superb with all and is a significant step up over the USB inputs on each, with a very smooth sound--extended highs,  tight bass and very nice soundstage.

"My first impressions were that I had never heard digital music sound so natural , I didn’t realise so much information could be gleaned off a red book cd. I have used a digital recorder  to convert some of my vinyl to 16 bit resolution and that also sounds fabulous via the JKMk3. I am totally blown away with the huge improvement this has given me over cd replay and I would happily recommend the JKMk3 to anyone looking for a USB to SPDIF converter."  

From MK2 review in Digital Audio Review, "If you're a dedicated computer audiophile - with either a Windows PC or a Mac as transport - you NEED this device.  Live with it for only a few hours and it renders the standard USB output as dead from the neck down."

From user "JKDAC32 is more lifelike, before it was sort of brown. Resolution and clarity are a way higher. Sound-stage is deeper and more 3D. Singer voice is so real, now I can say that Michael Jackson not only sings in my room, but he actually is there. Bass is more sophisticated and detailed, but mainly deeper and longer, i.e., it goes lower and longer at the same time remaining tight and precise. Altogether sound is very real, spacious and emotional. It makes my head and body move as I listen. Truly speaking, my previous setup seemed very transparent and true, but this one beats it for sure."

Received the JKDAC32 today.  I've been listening for about 2 hours...absolutely incredible.  The detail, smooth and realistic presentation are like nothing I've personally heard in my setup.

 From happy customer "Received the JKDAC32 today.  I've been listening for about 2 hours...absolutely incredible.  The detail, smooth and realistic presentation are like nothing I've personally heard in my setup."

Another happy customer after an audition of the JKDAC32 against a Rega DAC & Beresford modified DAC "Most of the other DACs were more or less on the same level, but the DAC32 was magical & stood out above everything else.

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