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Another MK2 Review

posted 13 Jan 2011, 01:36 by John Kenny   [ updated 13 Jan 2011, 16:16 ]
A glowing review of the MK2 Hiface has just been published in Digital Audio Review, an Australian review site. An extract from the conclusion reads "The improvements from some affordable hifi upgrades are so obvious, so plain that it is easy to explain them as such.  John Kenny's second round in the ring with modifying the M2Tech Hiface is one such product.  If you're a dedicated computer audiophile - with either a Windows PC or a Mac as transport - you NEED this device.  Live with it for only a few hours and it renders the standard USB output as dead from the neck down.  As evidenced by my own experimenting with a variety of DACs, your mileage will indeed vary, but I struggled to find a DAC that didn't justify the asking price.  I thought about tagging this battery-powered Hiface as "highly recommended" but it's better than that - instead, I have to go with "essential".  Got computer?  Get this."