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Another Review of MK1

posted 13 Oct 2010, 15:29 by John Kenny   [ updated 13 Oct 2010, 15:41 ]
Extract: In my personal opinion, the stock Hiface lost its value proposition, and I would rather recommend the cheaper Teralink-X2 for entry level set-ups, or the Digital Interface (withoutpower supply) for mid level set-ups.


At a slightly higher price both the A-gd Digital Interface (with the external power supply) and Jkeny’smodified Hiface seem to represent excellent price quality ratio. I can personally live with either one and I can’t say the same with other converters. For those willing to spend even more, there are very interesting USB converters such as the Audiophilleo, Empirical Audio converters, Weiss INT202... to name afew.

Full Review: http://www.tweak-fi.com/apps/blog/show/5029064-the-usb-to-spdif-shoot-out-review-part-2