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Battery Chargers

posted 28 Apr 2010, 19:21 by John Kenny   [ updated 26 Jun 2010, 13:43 ]
Note: Any charger used should be 3A or less current output.

If your batteries are allowed to deeply discharge it's possible these charges won't recharge them. This would only happen if the Hiface was left turned on for 24 hours or longer. If this happens contact me & we will get you sorted & working again.

For people outside the US, I have talked batteryspace into using the cheaper US postal service for delivery rather than the ridiculous $70 - $80 Fedex or UPS charge. Here's what they said to me:

We don't use USPS to ship item due to USPS does not provide a good tracking system. However, if you still prefer to use USPS to ship then we are NOT liable for any damage/ miss shipment (no tracking information) and we will charge you $5.00 + whatever USPS shipping cost for handling this.
If this is acceptable to you, you can just place order using UPS or FedEx and then we can refund you the difference using USPS to ship to you. Please enter on the comment section - " I like to use USPS to ship and willing to accept the risk of loss or damage shipment. " Also, please send us email with your order # so we can follow up for you.

Warning: Check the battery charger sticker before use for the first time. One person was sent a battery charger for 2 cells which outputs 7.2V instead of 3.6V. This overheated & killed the batteries causing them to leak into the box. The Hiface stopped working & was returned to me!