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Improve the Sound of Hiface Devices

posted 13 Nov 2011, 11:08 by John Kenny   [ updated 25 Mar 2012, 05:01 ]
A customer of mine made this discovery recently - you can use the Young DAC driver with my Hiface devices, MK3, JKDAC & JKDAC32. I prefer the sound of the Young driver to the Hiface driver - richer, more laid back, more analogue like but without losing any detail.

Instructions for installation on a PC:
Go to the M2tech Young driver & download it & run setup
With the device plugged in & working, Go to Device Manager & right click on the Hiface & choose properties - choose the driver tab - choose update driver - choose "Browse my computer for driver" - now you need to choose the option that says "Let me pick from a list of drivers"
There is a checkbox that you need to turn off "show compatible hardware"
Scroll down to M2tech in the left window & the Young driver should be seen in the right window
Windows will warn you that "this driver may not work with this device" but go ahead - it's worth it.

The USB port that you do this on will always use the Young driver - any other USB port will use the Hiface driver (unless you install Young on it :))

If you have a Mac - the installation instructions are here