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Introductory offer

posted 24 Nov 2010, 13:56 by John Kenny   [ updated 29 Mar 2013, 17:02 ]
For the first 5 orders of the I2S Hiface I will be including a free Sabre ES9022 DAC mounted on a separate board & fully working. So essentially this means that you will also get a fully working 24/192 USB & 24/192 DAC - all you need to supply is 3.3V. This DAC board outputs 2V RMS for connection directly to preamp or amplifier, no need to build an I/V stage. Indeed this will drive most headphones directly from the analogue outs. It is the same Sabre DAC chip used in the Nuforce uDac from which headphones are directly driven & praised for its sound. Again this only applies to the first 5 orders, only.