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New Products

posted 7 Feb 2013, 18:59 by John Kenny

New Devices: A range of new devices will soon be available which are USB input only devices. These are NOT based on the Hiface USB device. The new devices operate with the native USB drivers found in Mac OS 10.6+ & Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel. KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO Drivers supplied for MS OS XP to Win8 32-64bit. 

The same low jitter clocks as used in the Hiface are also used here. These clocks are now situated as close to the output stage as possible i.e on the SPDIF output board or on the DAC board & are used to reclock the data signals close to the output. This provides the lowest jitter possible at the stage where it is most beneficial.

The devices are known by the name Ciúnas (pronounced Kew-nes) which is the Gaelic for silence. The background noise of these devices is even lower than the Hiface based units & as a result more details & more air around instruments/voices 

Shipping of new device will not start for another 4-5 weeks.
Price fo 
Ciúnas SPDIF €385
Price for 
Ciúnas DAC
Pictures, more details & preliminary user reviews will follow.