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JKDAC32 Impressions

posted 21 Mar 2012, 12:02 by John Kenny
Hey John, just wanted to let you know I got the jkdac32 on Monday. .........................

The thing sounds amazing!  A day of solid play did wonders to sort the sound out, but after 24 hours, it seems to have found it's voice.  Probably the most tonally correct and gently detailed sound I have ever heard from digital, that's just as easy for me to groove out to, as it is for me to read a book while listening to.  Every time I try to listen analytically to music coming from this thing, I just get lost in the music.  That's the biggest wow factor of your dac for me...that it excels at all the audiophile stuff (soundstage, black background, blah blah), but I'm too busy enjoying the music to get wrapped up in that stuff.

Even typing this out, with it playing music in the background, I've stopped writing for minutes at a time, cause it just sounds soooo good!

The one audiophile thing I want to mention, that has impressed me most, is that I can't see the bottom on this thing!  Here's what I mean...

If you look into water, if it's clear enough, you can see the bottom.  When I listen to most digital devices, I can 'see the bottom', so to speak.  And it's the plane where the music seems to come from.  Every dac I have owned has had that plane.  Sometimes it's further back, sometimes it's right in my face, but it's there, that plane where the music goes no deeper.

Your unit seems to have no bottom.  No plane where the music seems to start from, yet it's all clear!  It's amazing!  I feel like the music is coming from a place I can walk into, cause there's no magic barrier it seems to begin from.  I've only heard that bottomless soundstage with vinyl in my system before!  It's pretty crazy!

I just wanted to thank you for this.  I'm enjoying it tremendously, and look forward to spending years enjoying music with it.