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MK2 Hiface Vs Wavelength Wavelink

posted 9 Feb 2011, 17:03 by John Kenny   [ updated 24 Jul 2011, 04:56 ]

We ended with the MK2, Kenny's most modded HiFace. And with 25 db (!) attenuation (more than 250x weakened)  Compared to the Wavelink we recognized a deeper 3D stage. Steve also noticed that  the lows went deeper and  lower. There was more bass added in a natural way. Would you say that the  MK2 then may be better than the Wavelink? Steve indicated that there was a very small difference but a slight advantage for the Wavelink he experienced. I found the sound image and quality of the MK2 slightly more convincing…

The Wavelink without attenuators is no match for the MK2 with attenuators. I find both of them operating from a height which, with the present state of technique is difficult to improve.