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posted 26 Jun 2010, 12:20 by John Kenny   [ updated 6 Feb 2011, 13:41 ]
Extract from an email to me by permission of: Albert L. Jones, author of Gryphon Unplugged: The History of Gryphon Audio Designs
The past few days I moved HiFace from my basement office system to my main living room stereo system, running Foobar with kernel streaming on an MSI Wind 100 netbook. The system is:
Netbook - Locus Axis USB cable - HiFace - Oyaide DR 510 coax digital cable- Hegel HD 10 DAC - Gryphon Sonata Allegro preamp - MK 150P active speakers - 2 MK MX350 subwoofers, all fed by a PS Audio Power Plant Premier AC regenator.
The netbook/HiFace/Hegel took the place of my Logitech Transporter music server which has been heavily modded by Reference Audio Mods. 
At less than 1/4 the price, the PC-based front end blows the Transporter out of the water. Tighter, more detailed bass, deeper, wider soundstage with more space between performers, cleaner, clearer high's and simply more information all around. The ability to go 24/192 was my main reason to upgrade, but that is pretty much just an afterthought now. Everything sounds right-er, more true to the source.