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posted 26 Jun 2010, 12:21 by John Kenny   [ updated 26 Jun 2010, 12:39 ]
Extract from an email - given permission to reproduce here

I primarily listen to classical music through headphones.  I have balanced HD800's driven by a Headroom ultra desktop stack (I don't know if you're familiar with Headroom's stuff).  Some major things that I have noticed even during my short time with your mod: 1.  The bass extension and texture is amazing.  I can clearly hear the bow strokes on string basses and the attack reminds me of sitting in an excellent concert hall.  2. The soundstaging is bar none the best I've heard.  The width has improved greatly but the depth even moreso.  Placing of the instruments is breathtaking.  3.  Tonality seems spot on.  I am a classically trained violinist and the instrument presentation reminds me of playing in an orchestra. 4. Clarity is greatly improved so that I hear subtle nuances that I did not notice previously. 

Overall, this is the best money I've spent on tweaking my system.  I don't know exactly what these batteries are doing, but this mod is a terrific transport and for the price a no-brainer.