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MK2 Boxed Hiface with internal 5V supply & internal battery charger

A 4.5” X 3” X 1.5” (about the same size as iPhone) polished plastic ABS box is provided that contains:
  • a modified Hiface (see below)

    • a Lithium NanoPhosphate (LiFePO4) 3.3V battery

  • - existing 3.3V switching regulator replaced by a ultra low noise 3.3V regulator
  • - existing 1.8V switching regulator replaced by a ultra low noise 1.8V regulator
  • - a 5V regulator
  • - an internal battery charger
  • Leds, switches & connectors

The cost of this is €270 + shipping €20 

What you need to provide is a 9V to 12V external power supply - this powers the regulators when the unit is switched on & powers the battery charger when the unit is switched off - see below

This is box contains a 
charger & an internal 5V supply along with the modified Hiface
The device draws no power from the USB connection. A 9V to 12V DC supply is plugged into the 2.1mm socket. When the unit switched on this acts as the power source for the 5V & 3.3V internal regs. When the unit is switched off, it powers the internal battery charger. Charging takes place until the battery is again full & the charger turns off. Without any charge the battery will last days.

This is a plug & forget arrangement.

Hiface Modification
These Hiface modifications are performed on the important circuits. The existing 1.8V & 3.3V switched regulators are removed & replaced by ultra low noise regulators. The clocks powered from a 3.3V battery. This low noise 3.3V regulator powers the output stages of the Xilinx chip & the output stages of the SPDIF generating chip.

A word about the external Power Supply
Some consideration should be given to the external 9V to 12V power supply. Yes the switched mode power supplies that come with most modern appliances  WILL PROBABLY DO - you know the light ones. But it is better to use a better quality PS i.e. probably one with a transformer in it (i.e heavier). Remember, this is the feed for the 5V & 3.3V regulators in the MK2 modified Hiface box so the cleanest possible power is advisable. 

A suitable UK 9V DC supply is £14 here  but others may well be available locally in your area.
A suitable US 9V DC supply is $10 here but again others may well be available locally in your area.
What you want is (v to 12V DC supply of 500mA or greater output with a 2.1mm plug with positive centre contact.
You could also run this off a 12V battery using an adapter plug like this or this, again respecting centre pin is positive polarity.