The JKI2S unit is I2S output ONLY, NO SPDIF outputs.  It comes as both component self-build modules & as a boxed finished plug & go version. This 24/192 asynchronous USB transport using low jitter clocks with optimised power supply feeding galvanically isolated I2S to a DAC results in one of the best computer audio transport available currently.

The basic module package comprises of:

-      a modified Hiface with the on-board 1.8V & 3.3V switching regulators removed & a 1.8V ultra-low noise regulator installed instead. 

-      2 * LiFePO4 batteries

-      LiFePO4 battery charger

-      Switch + LED 

-      2.1mm socket for external power supply.

The 3.3V supplies to the Hiface & separately to the clocks are now provided by batteries as this was found to be the best sounding configuration. 

The user needs to mount the Hiface close to the I2S inputs of his DAC & panel mount the switch, Led & 2.1mm socket. The battery charger plugs into this socket & recharges the batteries when the Hiface is turned off. It is a smart charger specifically designed for LiFePO4 & will not overcharge the batteries. This is a plug & forget arrangement - the user need not be concerned about batteries  

The Boxed unit is a fully finished boxed version of all of the above with a Ethernet (LAN) socket for the I2S connection to DAC & a USB socket for the connection to the computer. All you need to provide is a LAN cable to connect to your DAC’s LAN input. If the I2S pin assignments of the DAC's LAN connection are given, then the Hiface I2S LAN connector can be wired accordingly. The box is either a black plastic box as per the MK2 Hiface or a new aluminium box.