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The JKDAC has the following characteristics:
  • It's a modified I2S Hiface operating at 24/192
  • integrated with a 24/192 Sabre DAC 
  • operates exclusively from 2 internal LiFePo4 (Lithium Nano Phosphate) batteries
  • completely portable - will run for >12 hours from fully charged batteries
  • USB input - standard USB type B input socket
  • RCA analogue outs
  • Outputs standard 2.1V RMS (line level) for driving preamplifier or amplifier
  • internal battery charger - requires user supplied 5V DC supply
  • Can be charged from the computer using a spare USB port & special USB cable
  • Will drive most headphones directly from RCA ports so is a completely portable, high quality mobile sound system  
  • aluminium enclosure

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Technical Highlights:
    • The asynchronous USB input handles 24bit 192KHz sampling natively & this signal is communicated via I2S to the 24/192 DAC  without any upsampling. .
    • The DAC uses one of the legendary ESS Sabre DAC chips with all the proprietary technology of ESS - time domain jitter reduction, Hyperstream architecture
    • The result of this is a very detailed & dynamic sound with fabulous bass reproduction & airy highs.
    • The unbalanced 1.9V analogue outputs are directly DC coupled to the RCA connectors, no capacitors, no low pass filter or active components in the signal path. 

    • Size: 78x43x120mm (w x h x d, case) 
    • Weight: 420g
    • Two low jitter clocks to handle both speed families
    • Sampling frequencies (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192
    • Resolution (bits): 16 to 24
    • Inputs: USB 2.0 Type B socket, (2.1mm socket for battery charger power supply) 
    • Outputs: single-ended line level on RCA
    • Output voltage: 1.9Vrms
    • SNR: 112dB (A weighted) 
    • THD+N: 0.002 (-93dB) @ 1kHz, (@ -1dBFS)