Product Details:

All devices use a modified Hiface which has USB input capable of 24bit 192KHz USB input   can be operated at 32/384 This is an aysnchronous USB device which means that it doesn't use the computers clock for it's timing but rather has 3 discrete on-board clocks. One to time the USB connection & the other two clocks to time the audio output. I use 2 internal LiFePO4 batteries (very low ripple & very low noise) to power all the circuits in the MK3 instead of USB power which is used in the stock Hiface. This means it is immune to the bad power supplies typically found in computers. Operating from two very low jitter/phase noise clocks, it delivers some of the highest sound quality you are likely to encounter. The transport is the most important part of the signal chain to get right which is proven by the various reviews both end-user & in the press that attest to the improvement in sound which adding a MK3 device brings to their system.    ............ more

The JKSPDIF MK3 outputs SPDIF via a true 75 ohm BNC socket. A BNC/RCA adapter is provided if requested. The MK3 is bundled with a RF attenuator which reduces cable induced jitter - see here 

The JKDAC32 integrates, via I2S, a 32/384 Burr Brown DAC together with a MK3 into one box. It handles 32/384 signals natively - no upsampling & outputs a stereo analogue line level signal via it's RCA connectors.! Probably one of the few truly 32/384 end-to-end capable DACs available. See here

The JKDAC intergrates, via I2S, a 24/192 ESS Sabre DAC together with a MK3 into one box. It handles 24/192 signals natively - no upsampling & outputs a stereo analogue line-level signal via it's RCA connectors!

Latest Press Reviews:

By Paul Candy
Regardless of what cables I used with the MK3, the difference between stock hiFace and MK3 was so huge as to make it difficult hearing any similarities between the two. With the MK3 playback was bigger, bolder and more dramatic but also smoother, less aggressive and edgy.............. More Reviews


............How does the Audiophilleo compare to the JKSPDIF?  I get asked this question a lot.  I've tried them both with a wide array of budget DACs over many, many months.  There really isn't that much to separate them sonically.  I could happily live with either (in the long-term) but I distinctly preferred the JKSPDIF with the Metrum Octave - it seemed to bring out more elasticity and tame some of the glassiness. 

........... we both agreed that the Audiophilleo seemed to overcook the upper-mids on a couple of decoding boxes.  This anomaly was tamed with a digital attenuator.  The JKSPDIF MK3 seems to be kinder/gentler overall.  Perhaps it's the battery technology? ............. More Reviews

Latest User Reviews:

The thing sounds amazing!  A day of solid play did wonders to sort the sound out, but after 24 hours, it seems to have found it's voice.  
Probably the most tonally correct and gently detailed sound I have ever heard from digital, that's just as easy for me to groove out to, as it is for me to read a book while listening to.  Every time I try to listen analytically to music coming from this thing, I just get lost in the music.  That's the biggest wow factor of your dac for me...that it excels at all the audiophile stuff (soundstage, black background, blah blah), but I'm too busy enjoying the music to get wrapped up in that stuff.

Even typing this out, with it playing music in the background, I've stopped writing for minutes at a time, cause it just sounds soooo good!

The one audiophile thing I want to mention, that has impressed me most, is that I can't see the bottom on this thing!  Here's what I mean..................... More Reviews


John:  I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the MK3!  It is fabulous.  I have been using it with my Macbook Pro, with several DACs (PSAudio Perfectwave, Centrance DacMini, Burson, Benchmark DAC-1 HDR)--it sounds superb with all and is a significant step up over the USB inputs on each, with a very smooth sound--extended highs,  tight bass and very nice soundstage.  I would put the Perfectwave with the MK3 very close to the Metric Halo ULN-8 firewire DAC (the USB implementation on the Perfectwave DAC is not very good), which is my reference.  I haven't spent as much time as Ihad planned with A/B tests simply because I have been enjoying listening to the music too much!..............More Reviews